Wake Forest + Siteimprove

Siteimprove is a full-featured service platform for web optimization and management available to Wake Forest faculty and staff who manage website content in the CER WordPress/Gutenberg theme. It is a simple, yet powerful tool that evaluates your site and shows you how to make it better.

Siteimprove provides complete visibility across your content quality and performance measured by quality assurance tools, accessibility reports, and web analytics. Combining quality assurance reviews with automated accessibility check-ups can help you increase the usability and accessibility of your content for the benefit of all users. Adding in analytics can help site editors prioritize to ensure their efforts maximize inclusion and outreach.

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Getting Started

What you need to know once you’re ready to start using Siteimprove.

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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance module finds errors on your website and allows you to correct them quickly. Easily export data with members of your team to consistently maintain your site’s quality.

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Siteimprove’s accessibility tools help you understand what areas of your site aren’t in compliance and how remove barriers on your website that damage the user experience.

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Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics collects website data and then processes, reports, and analyzes it so you can make better decisions about how to increase the impact your content has on your visitors.

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is how pages are crawled and ranked in search engines such as Google.

Need Help?

If you need assistance with getting set up in Siteimprove or using features within the platform, interested in periodic trainings or would like to have more conversation, reach out to us with and we’ll be happy to connect.