The Summary page for Links provides a snapshot of the following data:

  • Links overview
  • Pages with broken links
  • Broken links
  • Clicks on broken links
  • PDFs with broken links
  • Broken links in PDFs

To view a full report, click on View all at the bottom of that section. Once you’re on the full report, you will be able to take action on any broken links that have been identified.

If no broken links were found during Siteimprove’s crawl of your site, you’ll see a message highlighted in green that says no broken links were found.

Broken links summary

The Pages with broken links report page shows you all pages on your site that have been identified as having one or more broken links on them. You will also be able to identify how many broken links are on each page and how many clicks there have been on each one.

Siteimprove scans for broken links each time it crawls your site. Therefore, any broken links that are reported just recently appeared (since the last crawl) or were not fixed since the previous crawl.

Pages with broken links

How to fix broken links using this report

Similar to Pages with broken links, this report displays the URL of any broken links that were found on your site. This is helpful if you prefer to see the broken link first rather than the page that the broken link(s) are on.

In addition, there are three categories that you can view:

  • Confirmed broken links: Links that point to 404 pages
  • Links to review: Links that aren’t necessarily broken but were reported as not working for one reason or another
  • Dismissed links: Any links that are working and you have dismissed (i.e. false positives)
Broken links report

How to fix broken links using this report

Links to Unsafe Domains

These are domains that have been identified as potentially risky by Google’s Web Risk API. An advisory is provided by Google in regards to Web Risk.

If users go to potentially risky domains through links on your site, this can reflect negatively on your site’s trustworthiness.

As you add links to external-facing websites on your site, make sure you are pointing to a trusted page. Look for https:// in the URL. If a site does not have https://, consider if it is a safe site to link to before adding it on your site.

Links to unsafe domains

PDFs with Broken Links

Note: There is also a Broken links in PDFs report in Siteimprove under the Links category.

The PDFs with broken links report displays all PDFs that are hosted and linked on your site that contain one or more broken links.

You will not be able to fix any broken link within a PDF through Siteimprove. Siteimprove will only identify that a link is broken and what the error message is. It is possible that some links included in your PDF that aren’t identified as a 404 may work at the time you check them and can be dismissed.

To view the PDF through Siteimprove, click on the file path for the PDF in the Document title column. To verify if the link is broken, you can copy and paste the link (by clicking the arrow under Broken links) into a browser. You can also click on the link in the original PDF to verify its working status.

To fix the link, you will need to have access to the original file that was uploaded to your site.

PDFs with broken links

What PDFs are scanned on my site?

Only PDFs that are linked somewhere on your site will be crawled and scanned by Siteimprove. If you have PDF files uploaded to your WordPress Media library but aren’t linked anywhere, those will not be crawled and won’t show up in this report.

Removing old and out-of-date PDFs from your Media library

It’s important to do a regular audit of your site and Media library and remove any files that you no longer need. This will help reduce the number of files that you don’t want people to have access to which show up in search result pages. If you don’t own or have access to the file that needs to be removed, contact the department who owns it and ask them to remove it.