What is Visitors?

Website visitor tracking is the process of logging the way visitors engage with your site and then visualizing that behavior in a meaningful way. It helps website owners better understand the individual user’s path through a site, identify potential bottlenecks, and then optimize user journeys based on these insights.


The Visitors dashboard gives you a summary of the different topics included within this category based on the selected date range. You can click on more details within any topic block and export data.

Visitors Summary


Overview of where visitors come from divided by country.



A full list of visiting organizations, identified through IP address.



See which type of device is being utilized the most. The category “Desktop” includes other devices such as gaming consoles and smart TV.

Operating Systems

A full list of the operating systems that visitors are using.

Operating systems


A full overview of all the different browsers visitors are using.


Screen Resolutions

A full list of screen resolutions that visitors are using.