Inventory displays all the different types of assets that your site is built on as well as certain types of content that you should be aware of such as link text, email addresses and phone numbers (in case you need to replace or remove someone’s contact information), and other sensitive information like social security numbers.

You can also see a report for all pages and media assets (photos, documents, video) that are included and linked on your site.

The Summary dashboard will provide you with an overview of what’s included on your site. Click any number in the Total column to view more details for that specific category.

Inventory summary


The Pages report will show you all published pages that are being crawled on your site. These include pages that you have in your site nav, linked to on a page, and those that can’t be found via a link in your nav or on a page in your site, but are live and searchable.

You will also find other relevant information in this report, including a page’s DCI (Digital Certainty Index) page score, file size, and the number of times it has been viewed.


This is where you will find an overview of all links on your pages together with an HTTP status code.

Additional information includes how many clicks there have been on each link as well as what and how many pages each link appears on.



This is where you will find an overview of all documents you have uploaded and linked on your site. Any document that is not linked somewhere on your site will not show up here.

Documents - Overview

For all types that are uploaded and linked, you will be able to click the type of document to view a full list of what’s on your site.

Documents - Details

Media Files

This is where you will find a full list of all media files uploaded and linked on your site.

The following types of media files are listed in your inventory and can be viewed individually:

  • Audio
  • Images
  • Video

You can also view all media files in one table.

Media files - Overview

To view more details on any type of media file, click on that Media type. You will see a table with detailed information on each file, including the URL of the file as well as how large the file is. This is a great way to quickly check how large each file is and decrease or remove any files that are too large and would cause issues for visitors using slower Internet connections.

Media type: Details

This is where you will see any text that is used in relation to links, or in other words, the text that users see displayed on the page for a link.

By clicking on the arrow under Pages, you will see each page that that text/link is located on. You can then click the arrow under Destination links to view the URL of that link.

Link text should be intuitive and clear. Try to avoid using words like “Click here” or “See more” since this type of language is confusing for those with disabilities who use screen readers.

Link text

Email Addresses

This is where you’ll be able to view all email addresses that are mentioned on your site. This is especially useful when email addresses need to be updated or removed from your site.

Phone Numbers

This is where you’ll be able to view all phone numbers that are mentioned on your site. This is especially useful when a phone number need to be updated or removed from your site.

You can also view the formatting of phone numbers listed here and make any changes to those that aren’t formatted correctly.


Have you ever wondered how your site is structured? Are you thinking about or in the process of doing an audit or want to reorganize your site? The Sitemap report is divided into directories and folders and shows you every page on your site.



While less common and not used as often (or at all) for the average WordPress site editor, there are other Inventory reports that Siteimprove offers.

  • JavaScript Files
  • CSS
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Meta Tags
  • Capture Tags

Web developers and more technical users may find the JavaScript, CSS, and Tags reports useful when trying to troubleshoot or look for more information that would help diagnose an issue on the back-end of a website.

Social Security Numbers should never show up on your website. If you have any SSN that are included on any page of your site, you need to remove them immediately.