Misspellings can cause a website to look unprofessional and leave a negative impression for your visitors. It’s important to make sure that there are no misspellings on your site, but also to check to see if there are any grammatical issues with your content that wouldn’t necessarily get flagged as a misspelling.


Find Misspellings

Siteimprove will crawl your site looking for any misspellings. It will flag words that it doesn’t have added to its database, so if you have words on your site that are very specific to the Wake Forest culture, for example, those words may get flagged as being misspelt.

There are three categories that misspellings fall into:

  • Confirmed misspellings: These are listed under the “Misspellings” tab. To see a misspelling in context, click on the number in the “Pages” column to see which pages it occurs on.
  • Words to approve: Review words to confirm whether they are misspellings or words that are actually correct in the context of a specific site(s). The more words you review and categorize, the more accurate the spellcheck will be in the future.
  • Approved words: Approved words won’t be marked as misspellings in the future. This is useful if you want to avoid having proper names, addresses, and brand or trademark names flagged in future spellchecks.

How to fix a misspelling using this report

If Siteimprove finds any confirmed misspellings or words to approve on your site, they will appear in the table on this page.

Find Misspellings table

Pages with misspellings or words to review

This is where you will find a list of all pages with misspellings or words that need to be reviewed. This is a helpful report if you prefer to view the pages that (potential) misspellings occur on vs. seeing a report of all the misspellings.

Pages with misspellings

How to fix a misspelling using this report

Decisions on Spellings

All decisions that have been made on approved words and misspellings will appear here. Here you can undo existing decisions, which will place a word back into its original state.

Word Inventory

The word inventory gives you an alphabetical overview of every word that has been detected on your website. If you find a word that is misspelt, you can flag it (clicking the thumbs down button). It will then add it back to your misspellings report where you can correct it along with other words that need to be corrected.

In addition to using this report to find misspellings, it may be helpful if you’re looking to remove or replace certain words on your site. You can search for that word and view what pages it appears on.

Add Words

This is where you can control which words should and should not be flagged in the spellcheck by adding approved words and confirmed misspellings.

Add words