What is Entries & Exits?

Entries & exits show:

  • what page a visitor landed on first when entering your site,
  • what page someone left from (where they exited your site),
  • what links a visitor clicked on a page to leave that page/your site, and
  • the bounce rate for pages on your site.


Your Entries and Exits Summary dashboard will show you data (# | % of total) for each of the five major metrics within this category:

  • Entry and exit rates
  • Entry pages
  • Exit pages
  • Outbound links
  • Bounce rates
Entries and exits summary

Entry and Exit Rates

A page-centric view of bounce rate, entry rates, exit rates and external links. Here you’ll be able to see how many visitors visited each page, and of those pages, how many entered and exited each one. You’ll also be able to determine how many people left a page by clicking on an outbound link.

Entry and exit rates

Entry Pages

The first page visitors see when they enter the website. Visitors don’t always use your homepage as a jumping off point to visit other pages on your site. Many come in through links found on search engines, social platforms, emails, and other sites.

Entry pages

Exit Pages

The last page visitors see when they leave the website – the number of times it has been used as an exit page, the total number of visits to the page & bounce rates. If a high volume of visitors are leaving your site from a page that you don’t want them to leave on, you may want to consider auditing your content and/or adding more or additional call-to-actions on the page to keep them on your site and take another action.

Exit pages

Links to external domains that are included on pages within your site that visitors click on that cause them to leave your site. Any URL that points to a page outside your subdomain (i.e. yoursite.wfu.edu) counts as an external domain.

Outbound links

Bounce Rates

The bounce rate tells you the number of people who come to your website and only see the one page they started on. In other words, they only visit that one page and then they leave. This may be because they searched for specific keywords and landed on one of your pages based on a search result (and realize that wasn’t what they were looking for), or visited the page, found what they were looking for, and had no other reason to remain on your site.

High bounce rates on a site’s homepage are the most common, which is commonly a result of poor design, unorganized or missing content, and frustrating navigation. If a visitor experiences any of this during their first visit to your site, it’s not uncommon for them to immediately leave your site.

Bounce rates