As you start using the Marketing Analytics module in Siteimprove, you’ll notice there are a lot of categories that you can view data from. If you’ve used web analytics before (i.e. Google Analytics), you’re probably familiar with some of these categories, but do you know where to start if this is the first time you’re looking at your site’s analytics? Your needs may vary based on what is important to you, but here are some recommendations on where to go first.

1. All Pages (Content)

The All Pages report not only shows you what the most (and fewest) visited pages on your site are (Page views), but it also provides a look at how many users are actually visiting those pages in a given time period (Visits). While it’s important to understand how your pages are performing, it’s equally beneficial to know how many users are visiting those pages in order to recognize what pages they come back to or visit more than once while browsing your site.

2. Devices (Visitors)

It’s important to know what devices your visitors are using to access your site with. Why is this important? Think about it this way: Your most important page, which contains several paragraphs of copy along with multiple large images, is viewed mostly on smartphones. What does that experience look like for those users? Page load time and how far someone has to scroll to reach the end of the page can negatively affect their engagement with your content. If you understand what devices visitors are using view your site, then you can optimize your pages to create a better overall experience for everyone.

3. Entry & Exit Pages (Entries and exits)

It’s easy to believe that a user’s first interaction with your site begins with the homepage. While that may be true in many cases, there are several other ways users can get to content on your site. Search engines. Social media. Links in an email. Looking at your entry pages report will show you what pages users are actually viewing first. Exit pages, on the other hand, will show you the last page someone views on your site before leaving. Recognizing what these pages are will help you make improvements and allow your users to feel more engaged and connected to your content.

Visit our Marketing Analytics section to learn more about what is offered in Siteimprove and how to access these reports.