Why you should be using the Inventory feature right now

If you’re a site editor and are responsible for updating content on your site, you probably know that it can be difficult to know exactly how much information is actually published on your site and what that is. Whether you’ve been doing this for years […]

The benefits of Behavior Maps

Behavior Maps have been around for years. More commonly thought of as “Heat Maps”, Behavior Maps actually consist of different features that help you understand how users engage with content on your site. Within Siteimprove, you have access to the following Behavior features: What […]

Setting up custom dashboards and monthly reports that work for you

Siteimprove reports don’t have to feel overwhelming and confusing. We can customize your dashboards and reports so you get just the information you’re looking for in your inbox every month! Anyone who has access to Siteimprove, and is an active content editor for their site, […]