The benefits of using Google Analytics on your department site

Wake Forest University uses Google Analytics to collect data and measure success on several websites. This is a free service to all Wake Forest departments and offices who are currently using WordPress and have been migrated to the university’s theme. If your site has already been migrated to this theme, then Google Analytics is probably already running on your site.

There are several benefits to using Google Analytics if you’re not already:

Able to see what pages are getting viewed the most, and for how long

Google Analytics allows you to view data based on several variables, or metrics, that track site performance. Some of the more common ones are pageviews and time spent on a specific page. You will have the capacity to know which are the highest performing pages and measure whether your site is working in ways that you expect it to.

Able to see where your visitors are coming from

 You have the ability to view referral paths, or in other words where people come from when landing on a page on your site. Traffic may come from internal pages (e.g. another page on your site), or external sources (e.g. another site, a search engine results page, or even social media.)

Able to create customizable reports

You can create customizable reports that can be exported in several different formats with an easy drag and drop interface. Add many different dimensions and metrics in one report.

Able to fine tune your website

With your analytics report, you will have the capacity to fine-tune your website and make changes to any page that isn’t performing well. While Google Analytics may not paint the entire picture of why something is under-performing, it will give you raw data you can use to make more informed decisions off of in order to create a higher performing website.

CER is continually working to improve our Google Analytics environment and provide more learning opportunities on how to leverage its potential for all of our WordPress users.

Whether you’re unsure if you have an active Google Analytics account running on your site, or you know you have one but want to find out how to access it, please contact our team and we’ll be happy to get you set up.