What’s New in 3.5.1

The digital team recently upgraded our version of WordPress to version 3.5.1, which is the most current version available. Below are the 4 most important changes you will notice when working on your site.

1. New Media Uploader

Gone is the old “Add/Upload” text followed by a series of icons. Instead we find a single Add Media button.


When it comes to uploading images, the interface is much more intuitive than before. After clicking Add Media, you can even drag images from your computer onto your browser window to begin the upload process.

Visit our Web Publishing Guide for more information & instructions on adding media to your site.

2. New Media Library

The entire look Media Library has been overhauled. With version 3.5.1 when you click on an image from within in the media library you are presented with a full post-like edit screen.


From this new screen you can edit the caption, alternate text, etc. just like before.

Visit our Web Publishing Guide for more information & instructions on adding media to your site.

3. Updated Image Editing


The image editing functionality has also been overhauled to make it more functional and easier to use.  You access the photo editing capabilities by clicking on the image from the Media Library, then clicking the Edit Image button. Then, you can use the built-in scale or crop your photo from within WordPress.

Visit our Web Publishing Guide for updated instructions on editing images within WordPress.

4. New Gravity Forms Builder

The admin panel for Gravity Forms has also gotten a facelift. The major change is in the Notifications area of the Settings. You can create as many kinds of notification emails as you like. Although most users will still just need the standard Admin & User notification emails.

Visit our Web Publishing Guide for updated instructions on setting up forms & form notifications.