New WYSIWYG text widget

We have developed a new widget for use in our WordPress sites. It allows you to add text or images using the familiar Visual Editor with a toolbar, instead of a plain text widget where you have to write the html code yourself. Widgets are only available to site Administrators. To use this new, enhanced text widget, follow these steps:

  1. Login to WordPress. 
  2. Click on Widgets.
  3. Expand the widget area for the sidebar you’d like to modify.
  4. Locate the “Text Editor” widget and drag it onto your widget area.
  5. Give your text widget a title if desired.
  6. Write or add images and links as you would on a regular page or post.

    Widgets ‹ Website Demo — WordPress-1

  7. Click Save (there is no preview) and view on your live site.
  8. The above example would display on a live site as shown below:
    Website Demo | Wake Forest University-3


  • The width of the sidebar is 200 pixels so any image’s width must be smaller than those dimensions to display properly.
  • To create a single space or line break, hold down Shift and hit Enter/Return
  • There is no preview or revision history for widgets. There is an undo button on the second row of buttons (to display second row click “Show/Hide Kitchen sink). Once you have saved and closed the widget, the changes cannot be undone.
    Widgets ‹ Website Demo — WordPress-2