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Submit an event to the University Calendar

Students, faculty and staff may submit items to the University events calendar at

Calendar submissions are reviewed in the order they are received, and, if approved, will be reflected on the university calendar within 3 business days. A weekly email, “Next Week at Wake Forest”, is sent every Friday and highlights events of the coming week. Due to limited space, not all events are included in the email.

To submit an event, go to and click the Submit an Event button. You’ll be prompted to enter your WFU credentials. Once logged in, simply fill out the form with details of your event.

Remember to include any of the following that applies:

  • Event Name
  • Description
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Event Place
  • Room
  • Address
  • Event Website
  • Facebook Event Page
  • Event Photo
  • Event Type
  • Department
  • Target Audience
  • Group
  • Ticket Cost
  • Ticket Link
  • Contact name
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone number

Note: most venues have a default photo that will be published if an event photo is not provided.

Submit a recommended search result

Recommended search results appear at the top of the WFU search page and can be created for departments, programs and events. Requests for recommended search results can be made through the CER project request form.

The required elements of a recommended search result are:

Usually the name of the department or website

Generally a single sentence of no more than 30 words describing the content of the site or department.

The list of unique words that, when used in a search query, will result in the search result being displayed. These must be specific to the search result. Do not use Wake, Wake Forest, WFU, department or similar words.

The URL of the target website.